One in Messiah

An ANCIENT PROMISE made by God to Abraham holds true today in our generation and speaks directly to those who will listen here in Abilene and the Big Country. If you bless Israel, the LORD will bless you; if you curse Israel, you will be cursed. In 2018, the LORD gave Brian a vision that connected Jerusalem and Israel to Abilene through Houses for Healing.

Recently, Messianic believers in Israel have launched a version of Houses for Healing in Jerusalem! Netivyah Messianic Congregation and Shevet Achim are partnering together to bring the name of Yeshua to those in medical crisis who are being treated in Jerusalem. Together, they are taking in families of hospitalized patients, including Israelis and Arabs, Palestinians and Kurds. Never before have we seen people of politically sworn enemies come together in Peace like we see at Houses for Healing, Jerusalem. 

Children from the FIVE Muslim nations surrounding Israel receive heart surgeries by Israeli doctors at greatly reduced prices. Shevet and Netivyah take care of the parents while they wait for their children to be healed. Meanwhile, in another apartment within the same building, Israelis who have family members receiving advanced medical care stay for free experiencing the generosity and kindness of genuine believers demonstrating their faith in action.

During their stays, connections develop into friendships between Jew and Gentile, Jew and Arab by the extension of a helping hand. Believers in the Holy Land, who agreed to take in Muslims and Israelis in medical crisis are helping facilitate Peace through Yeshua under the SAME ROOF. Unimaginable before, but now a testimony of what the LORD can do. An extension of the Olive Branch, an extension of the GRACE of our Lord. In a land known for centuries to be a land of conflict, with no one providing a solution for peace, the LORD, through His children, present HIS Truth and Peace.

An unanswerable question actually DOES have an answer. The answer is not provided by those who stand in violence; the answer is provided by those who stand in YESHUA the CHRIST, the Prince of Peace. Will you help us support this effort?