Veterans and First Responders

From Founders Steve Markham, Marya Beauvais, and Gary Spellman...with special thanks to John Paul DeJoria, Kevin Sorbo, and Drew Pearson...

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PLH Studios, LLC is a mission driven organization with a primary purpose of making the world a better place. Peace, Love, and Happiness is proud of our founding partner who has been giving back to our Nation’s Veterans and First Responders for two decades. The Peace, Love and Happiness Charity event celebrated its twentieth anniversary in April 2022.

By the Grace of God, PLH Studios is building studio homes for homeless Veterans.

We are honored to partner with Houses 4 Healing in Abilene, Texas, Arizona and Jerusalem.

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PLH Studios has partnered with Houses for Healing due to our efforts in serving Veterans of the Big Country in medical crisis. The second tiny house built at Houses for Healing was purposed for our Veterans. One of the most prominent visible features of Houses for Healing is our AMERICAN FLAG. We at Houses for Healing stand for the flag and honor those who have given and sacrificed for the freedom and liberty for which it stands. Alongside PLH Studios, who have served Veterans for over 20 years, Houses for Healing will honor Veterans in each of the tiny houses of the counties which they serve. Will you help us in a noble and honorable effort to serve those who have served?

First Responders

In our effort to honor the honorable, Houses for Healing will have a First Responder tiny house. The First Responder House, being built by Wylie Baptist, will help the First Responders and their families should they find themselves in a medical crisis. The house will also serve the First Responders on the scene of an accident or tragedy where our First Responders of the Big Country can offer use of a free place to stay in Abilene, TX.

Many times, someone goes to the hospital, and someone doesn’t, as a result of a tragic incident. Our First Responders will be enabled to administer the goodness and kindness of our Lord Jesus Christ AT THE SCENE by offering a FREE place to stay. The other 19 tiny houses will also stand ready to serve. Recent catastrophes and tragedies in our area have been evidence of the need for these tiny houses to be completed and in service. Will you consider helping us by being a FAITH RESPONDER, partnering with our FIRST RESPONDERS?