We Need Utilities


Help Us Move This Project Forward

Fundraising is most difficult for the “less glamorous” but incredibly necessary parts of the vision, but a lack in these areas can prevent the entire mission from moving forward. We are looking for partners to actively see the “Big Picture” of the work at Houses for Healing in these frequently used yet often less considered areas. Will you pay toward electrical or plumbing, ditch digging, paving a driveway, or parking spot?

Water/Sewage Lines

Property depth of lot is 477 feet, which is a LONG WAY to run a main sewer and water lines to all the tiny houses. We also must install a manhole. You can give toward the basic necessity of running water for cooking, cleaning and bathing during their stay with Houses for Healing.


Electricity is a necessity that we all really appreciate. How much more when it’s hot or cold outside, or when we’re sick, ESPECIALLY when we’re sick? You can help us keep our guests comfortable with the ability to have warm, running water.


City code requires a FIRE LANE around the perimeter of the property. We also must have parking spaces for each of the tiny houses. This is A LOT of concrete work. By giving toward this effort, you can help make sure the emergency response teams can get to the correct door in a timely manner…you can save a life.


Privacy fencing is a key ingredient for SECURITY. Fencing also makes a property look nice. The code requires us to have a privacy fence at Houses for Healing around the entirety of the property. Will you consider helping make this SANCTUM secure?


City code requires us to have almost 150 Craig Myrtles. Can you IMAGINE how BEAUTIFUL it’s going to be when these are in bloom? Beauty adds to serenity, and serenity assists with an encounter with the LORD when hope is scarce. Would you consider helping us with the landscaping and irrigation systems?

Jesus' Workshop

Jesus was the son of a carpenter, and a carpenter Himself. This required a workshop. We are constructing a common space where guests can wash and dry their clothes and linens while receiving the love of Jesus Christ in a tangible way through critical medical care. As Jesus put His hands to work in the will of the Father, so we invite you to serve our guests by helping us complete this immensely important building for those staying with us.