One Body

The Body of Christ

Houses for Healing seeks to partner with local congregations, businesses, and individuals who desire to participate in local missions and outreach. These partners should be willing to engage with patients and family members staying in the House for Healing by providing food, friendship, transportation, prayer, etc. throughout the duration of their stay.


Praying for people who are facing a potentially fatal diagnosis need prayer and encouragement. Fear of the unknown and fear of the struggle are often mountainous obstacles in the lives of these people, and they need the Body of Christ to encourage them and stand with them during the struggle.

Additionally, the physical effects of intense treatments weigh on a person’s ability and even their will to fight for their life. Prayer moves the hand of GOD and encourages people.

Loving Your Neighbor

As we have neighbors around our homes, we have neighbors around our towns and cities. The Lord Jesus said that one of the most important things we are to do is to love our neighbors. There is no better way to love your neighbor than to help them in time of need.

Loving our neighbor means we should be their friend who listens and helps as we seek opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ. Through these expressions, our neighbors will not only know that Abilene loves her neighbors, they will feel it. Knowing that you are loved is sustaining, but feeling that you are loved is invigorating. That’s what Jesus called us to do.

The "Hand-Off"

Relay runners carry a baton that must be passed from one participant to the next in a successful and efficient “hand-off”. The Apostle Paul referred to our efforts on earth as participants in a race. As runners of a race and members of one team, we must take care in the passing of the baton.

Once the patient is finished with their prescribed regiment of treatments, they will go back to their respective homes. The adopting church will partner with the Lighthouse Community to put in place a net to catch the patients at their homes for ongoing love and care.

Personal Involvement

We believe that every individual has some familiarity with what it means to be sick. Sickness and disease affect every family, which is why Jesus always healed as there were always people who needed physical ministry so they could receive spiritual ministry.

Sustaining the tiny houses is vitally important in ministering to the physical needs of these patients. We will need to pay insurance, cleaning, maintenance, etc. so, we depend on your help in caring for the sick of the Big Country. We are a 501C3, nonprofit organization, so all of the gifts received are tax-deductible. Please consider financially supporting Houses for Healing.